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20 Meaningful Small Tattoo Ideas to Keep you Motivated Everyday

Each Tattoo has its meaning. To show love some of us get tattoos of our partner’s name and some choose to inked with just a small symbol. These Small Tattoos may look simple but has a great meaning and motivation behind them. 

Many times in life everything seems to be going wrong, nothing works in your favor. You’ll feel like quitting and not fighting back. But time passes and soon or later it gets over.

That happens to everyone. But at that time you need to keep faith in yourself and a daily reminder that indicated life will get better sooner or later. And what’s better than Small Tattoo Ideas? Getting inked your skin would always be with you and keeps you motivated whenever you need it.

So, here’s a list of Small but Meaningful tattoos you could get inked as a daily reminder i.e sooner or later the time will be yours:

1. Smile Tattoo

A Tiny Smile Tattoo – Either Written Word “Smile” or Its Symbol means keep smiling in every situation.

Tiny Tattoos Ideas

2. A Semicolon Tattoo

A semicolon tattoo signifies that your story could have ended but it didn’t. This symbolizes the awareness about mental illness has now become a big movement.

small tattoo ideas with meaning

3. Tiny Lotus Tattoo

Lotus grows in mud but maintains its purity. People use it to remember their struggle – Coming out of tough circumstances to Successful life.

small tattoo ideas for women

4. Heartbeat Tattoo

A Tiny heartbeat tattoo idea packs a huge emotional punch. It symbolizes life or the memory of someone who has been lost.

small tattoo ideas for men

5. A Word

You can ink words that are close to you and combine them with the semicolon tattoo.

mall tattoo ideas on wrist

6. Tiny Mountain Tattoo

This little tattoo could be a great reminder of the circumstances in life. Be a mountain and face them, don’t leave your place.

mall tattoo ideas for Girls

7. OM Tattoo

OM signifies the essence of the ultimate reality and consciousness. A sacred symbol that brings positivity to your life.

Best mall tattoo ideas

8. Favorite Quote Tattoo

Getting your favorite quote on your skin motivates you every time. You can combine it with a tiny symbol as well.

very small tattoo designs

9. An Arrow

An arrow denotes protection from all that is negative. If your life is pulling you back, always remember you’re the only one who can launch into something better.

small tattoo designs hands

10. Tiny Peter Pan Tattoo

Peter Pan gang is best for a mom with three or four kids. This is the reason to love body ink that perfectly represents you.

Small Tattoo Ideas for Mom

11. Tiny Wave Tattoo

It represents the flow. If you do not find anything going in the right direction just go with the flow and rise again.

small tattoo ideas 2021

12. Tiny Anchor Tattoo

A symbol of stability or representing an air of rebellion. Tiny anchor in simple black ink is best for a couple.small tattoo cover up ideas

13. Tiny Knotted Tattoo

A symbol that can represent so much, including interconnected lives, marriage, and family bonds. 

cute small tattoo ideas

14. Finger Tattoo

A unique idea in terms of placement. It reminds you to keep negative thoughts away.

Small Tattoo Ideas for Finger

15. A Daily Reminder

Sometimes you just need to keep faith in yourself.

cute little tattoo designs

16. Tiny Cross Tattoo

A simple cross tattoo has a big meaning, a great reminder of faith and family. Suited for those who make prayer an important part of their everyday life.

best small tattoo ideas

17. Mind Over Matter

It gives you the strength and lesson to think with your mind before indulging in any matter that troubles you.

small tattoo ideas with deep meaning

18. Tiny Bird Tattoo

Symbolize to Fly high to fulfill your dreams.

Cool Small Tattoo Ideas

19. Tiny Beach Tattoo

For those who love the sun, surf, and the sand, this minimalist beach scene is giving us positive vibes.

Travel Lovers Tattoo Ideas

20. Tiny Paw Tattoo

This tattoo can be a way to celebrate a loved one, pets are family, too. 

Small Tattoos for loved ones

So, which one you gonna inked?