Know The Moral Behind the Each Childhood Stories of Lord Krishna “Krishna Janmashtami”

The Eighth avatar of the Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love. His childhood was full of miracles and stories. Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year by Hindus on Krishna Janmashtami according to the Hindu calendar, which falls in late August or early September. 

Krishna’s life is generally titled as Krishna Leela. Many Movies and serials based on Krishna’s life telecast on the Indian cinema got much popularity. 

Till today, Krishna’s childhood escapades are fondly remembered. Each story of his life teaches us some Morals and the logic behind it. 

The Divine Forecast 

Maharaj Ugrasen had two children named Devaki (Daughter) and Kansa (Son). Kansa was full of devil minds and practices. When he grew up, he dethroned his father and put him in jail.

Devaki Married to king Vasudeva. One day a forecast heard from the Sky- “Kansa, The Eighth Son of Your Sister Devaki Would be Your Kaal” means Kansa you will be killed by Devaki’s Eighth Son. 

Kansa wanted to kill Devaki to save his life but Vasudev requested to save his wife and promised to handover all Children to the Kansa. Kansa put both of them in prison.

Moral: Never Disrespect your Parents.

Krishna’s Janam: 

After imprisoned Devaki and Vasudev Kansa ordered his soldiers to guard them every second. Kansa each time snatched the newborn children of Devaki and killed them by dashing on the walls. But the seventh time fetus was miraculously transferred to Rohini’s womb in Vrindavan.

Krishna Born in Prison Kansa was told that it had been a stillbirth. Krishna- The Eight son of Devaki and Vasudev born at midnight. This special day is now celebrated as Janmashtami.

Moral: Karma Pays Back!! You Can’t control other’s life.

Krishna’s Foster Home

When Krishna has taken birth, all the soldiers who guarding Devaki and Vasudev went into Deep sleep and the lock of the prison opened miraculously. 

Vasudev kept baby Krishna in a wicker basket and left for Gokul. In the way, River Yamuna was flooded due to heavy rain, But he had to save Krishna’s life. So, without fearing for his own life, Vasudeva started walking across the river. 

Lord Vishnu’s serpent sheshNaag protected baby Krishna from the rain. When Vasudev Reached to his friend Nand’s House, he saw that his wife Yashoda had given birth to a baby girl. Vasudev replaced his son (Krishna) with that baby girl and returned to Mathura. 

He thought Kansa would spare the baby girl because the prophecy had mentioned Devaki’s eighth son. But Kansa snatched her as well and flung her against a wall. That baby Miraculously transformed into Goddess Durga and informed Kansa that Devaki’s eighth son was alive and would soon come for him.

Moral: Where there is a will, there is a way.

Putana’s Killing

Kansa was desperate to kill Krishna, so he sent many demons to kill him. Kansa told Putana to form the getup of a beautiful, young woman and kill all the babies that had been born in the previous ten days in Mathura. He wants to fear the people at the same time.

Putana Killed by Krishna

While entering to Krishna’s Village Putana heard everybody talking about Yashoda’s newborn, Putana guessed that he is the same child to whom she needs to kill. Distracting Yashoda, she made Krishna drink her poison-smeared nipples. The poison did nothing to him, but Putana died. 

Moral: Never hurt a person or animal intentionally. You’ll end up paying for it.

Makhan Chor Krishna

Krishna’s Love for Butter known to everyone. As he grew older, Krishna started stealing butter from his own house and neighbors.

To protect the butter from Krishna, Yashoda used to hung up the Butter pot to the height. The same is followed by the other Gopis to protect butter from Krishna.

Krishna and his friends weren’t the ones to give up easily. Next time, the Krishna and other Gwala’s formed the human pyramid thus Krishna reached the top and broke the pot of butter. 

On each Janmashtami “Dahi Handi” competition organized in many cities in which people formed the human pyramid to break the Pot placed on the height.

Moral: Focus on the solution and not on the problem.

Nalakuvara and Manigriva

Yashoda fed up with Krishna’s antics, so one day, she tied him to a mortar. Krishan pulled the mortar between the two trees, when it got stuck between the gap of both trees, he pulled the rope with all his strength.

The trees fell and two demigods Nalakuvara and Manigriva emerged from them. Krishna had freed them from their curse!

Moral: Believe in miracles; they do happen.

The Whole Universe Inside Krishna’s Mouth

Once Yashoda asked Krishna to show his mouth on the complaint of his friend that Kanha consumed the mud. Kanha refused firstly but when Yashoda got angry he opened his mouth,

What Yashoda saw wasn’t mud but the entire universe. That’s when she realized that Krishna was the Lord in disguise!

Moral: Always listen to your parents.

Krishna and Kaliya Naag 

Every day, Krishna would take his cows to graze near the Yamuna river. Suddenly, cows started dying after drinking from the river. 

With his divine power, Krishna realized that the ten-headed serpent Kaliya was poisoning the water with his venom. He warned Kaliya to stop and leave the place. But Venom was Cocky he refused. Krishna dived into the river and emerged dancing on Kaliya’s head. Venom was unable to breath properly, on the request of Kaliya’s wife Krishna forgiven him, and they left the river, never to return.

Moral : Peace is better than war.

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