In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the Bihar government on Tuesday sent a recommendation for a CBI inquiry to the Center. Now the Center has approved this recommendation of the Bihar government. In the Supreme Court, the lawyer of the Central Government said that Government has transferred the investigation of the Sushant case to CBI. Now CBI will investigate this case. For a long time, there was a demand from the CBI to get this case investigated on social media.

    Central government lawyer SG Tushar Mehta said in the Supreme Court that Bihar government’s recommendation to investigate the case with CBI has been accepted. On behalf of Riya, advocate Shyam Dewan has said that what was said on behalf of SG is not the case here, in such a case, the court should look at Riya’s petition. Shyam Diwan (Riya’s lawyer) demanded a stay on all the cases. Shyam Dewan said that the FIR is not according to the jurisprudence. In this case, the court should stop the entire case

    Bihar police reached Mumbai and started inquiring themselves. While this does not come under their jurisdiction, the Mumbai Police is already taking full action. Riya’s lawyer Shyam Dewan said that the FIR lodged in Bihar should be transferred to Mumbai. Shyam Dewan argued that the Mumbai Police has so far recorded the testimony of 59 people in the case of Sushant’s death.

    Justice Hrishikesh Rai said that Sushant was a highly talented and emerging artist and his mysterious death is shocking. Justice Hrishikesh Rai said that this is the subject of investigation.