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100+ Powerful 2 Words Quotes for Motivation

Quotes 2 Words can make a strong impact than any longer quotations. 2 words quotes are easy to memorize thus always remains in your mind....

21 Best Bhagavad Gita Quotes To Bring Positivity in Your Life

The Bhagavad Gita Quotes and Verses sermonize the importance of one's duty and to keep faith in God. The Gita discusses various beliefs, disciplines, and Values.

20 Lord Krishna Quotes That Shows the Right Path in Life

Lord Krishna's quotes based on the love, wisdom and intellect. The sayings of Lord Krishna Inspirational to the humankind and contains a vast sea of knowledge.

50 Best Merry Christmas Wishes to Greet your Loved Ones, Family or Friends

Merry Christmas Wishes 2021 The bells are jingling, the weather is chilling and the Holiday season about to begin. It must be Christmas. You may...

25 Good Quotes for Essays

Students often need to do writing assignments. One of the most popular writing types is an essay. A typical structure of an essay includes...

20 Best Gaur Gopal Das Quotes to Motivate you

Gaur Gopal Das - a qualified Electrical Engineer who choose the path of devotion and turned into a lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. Gaur...

50 Never Give Up Quotes To Keep You Motivated and Love Your Dreams

Life is like a roller coaster. No matter how well we are doing or how rich we are sometimes life kicked us hard and...

50 Happy Family Quotes and Sayings to Express Love

Family is all about love and happiness, the most important thing in our life that makes us realize how blessed we are. No matter...

10 Quotes By Flying Sikh Milkha Singh That Shows Why he Called as Legend

Milkha Singh passed away aged 91 due to Covid 19 Complications. India's greatest athlete and a running legend gave India its first gold medal...

15 Brother and Sister Quotes That Shows How Beautiful the Bond Is

An eternal bond, a relation that can never be fade is what a Brother and Sister relationship. This special relationship can be best described...

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