Tamilnadu Bride Surprised Guest by Showing Martial Arts Moves, We all Lovin it


Guests at a wedding in Thirukolur, Tamil Nadu were stunned when the bride showed off her tricks in martial arts. The bride showed her skill by holding many dangerous weapons. The purpose of doing all this was to inspire the women to learn martial arts for their own safety.

The bride P Nisha was inspired to learn martial arts from her childhood by her mother Mani. For this, she chosen the Silambaram martial art prevalent in Tamil Nadu.

She told,

I was encouraged by my parents and relatives to learn the art from a young age.

When the groom Rajkumar came to know about this talent of Nisha, he decided that on the wedding day, Nisha should show her martial art talent in front of all the guests. Along with this, awareness among people about Silambaram increased.

Social Media Lovin this Unique Wedding.


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