It seems now hurting Hindu sentiments and making Hindu Phobic web series is the only agenda Bollywood following these days. In the recent addon, Tandav on Amazon Prime is anti-Dalit and full of communal hatred against Hindus. 

    The trend is following by left-wing directors continuously. Whether it is about Prime’s Paatal Lok, Netflix’s A Suitable Boy, or Leila, the content of these web series pushing the Anti-Hindu agenda and playing the communal cards very well.

    In Tandav Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, a Muslim actor can be seen in the role of Lord Shiva. People do not have an objection to casting a Muslim actor in the role of any God but at the same time mocking and joking about Hindu God or Goddess hurts the Hindu sentiments. 

    And when people speak about it, they will be called Right-wing activists or non-secular people.

    Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub is a left-wing supporter, from joining anti-CAA protests last year and standing by the farmers in Delhi he is active in student politics.

    The problem is that when someone trying to make a web series or cartoon on Mohammad Saab or Muslims it comes to exploitation of minorities. The peaceful community of India can burn the whole city or temples in the name of religion. 

    On the other hand, if Hindu demands not to make such remarks and to stop mocking their Gods in web series it’s proclaimed “The murder of freedom of speech” or people will be called right wing supporters. 

    After so many incidents, I want to ask only one question – Is mocking the Hindu Gods is the only way to make your content hit? 

    There are lots of ways to portrayed the things to laugh and make them engaging but they choose only Hinduism to get controversial promotion and funding from the antisocial wings. 

    When hate-filled trolls flooded the internet, then they start playing the victim card that such an environment created by the Recent government, we are not safe, we do not have freedom of speech.

    Can you just stop trolling the Hindu Gods? If not government should censor all the scenes of movies or web series that belong to such content regardless of any religion to bring harmony. 

    Stop serving the Hindu Phobic content in the name of freedom of speech and modernization. If it is called modernization it should be equal for any religion whether it is Islam or Hinduism. They want to showcase our youth the things that can deliberately change their mind and they can spread their antisocial agendas.

    Tandav is good that painted a picture of real Indian politics. But portraying the real-life Jawaharlal Nehru University incidents and Azaadi slogans that’s too with mocking Hindu gods not seems worth at all. 

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