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The officers Were Stunned To See That Gold Worth 30 Million Was Hidden in the Bra

At the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, officials of the Customs Department caught a suspect who had hidden three million gold in his bra. Four gold wires and 6 gold biscuits were recovered from him.
In fact, the Customs Department received input on 22 September that a man traveling from Moscow to flight number SU-232 and landing at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport, his movement is doubtful.
Based on this input, a young man who came from Moscow and looked suspicious was searched. What happened after this was shocking. During intensive search, the lady’s bag and ladies bra were found from the young man.

When the bag and bra were searched, the gold being hidden in it was recovered. The Customs Department recovered four gold wires and 6 gold biscuits in the bra. The weight of the recovered gold is 794 grams.
The authorities have seized gold under the Section 110 Custom Act 1962. The price of seized gold biscuits and wires has been estimated at around Rs 30 lakh.