Footwear is a necessary part of everyone’s wardrobe no matter what age or gender one belongs to. Women’s fashion trends keep changing and footwear is no stranger to the ever-changing fashion landscape. Slides for women are the new emerging trend in women’s fashion and we are so excited about it. They are so chic and they never compromise on the comfort factor and that is what makes them so popular. They are appropriate for most events whether it is window shopping at a mall or a casual dinner date. This is a comprehensive guide for these ever-versatile footwear explaining the suitable seasons for wearing, styling tips, and benefits of wearing them. 

    Defining women’s slides 

    Slides are open-toed footwear that are defined by their slip-on style. They mostly feature a single strap that crosses the foot and holds these slip-ons in place. They can be made of various materials like leather, synthetic, or fabric. The sole in this type of footwear can be elevated or entirely flat depending on their design. The ease of wearing the and simplicity of design have made these a staple in women’s fashion. 

    Ideal Season’s to wear sliders 

    Slides for women are ideal for almost all seasons as they are so easy to wear as well as style. Let’s take a look at what are the perfect seasons to wear your favorite slides. 


    Spring and summer is the time when you will naturally find yourself reaching for slides in your wardrobe. They are so comfy and airy that you can say goodbye to sweaty and smelly feet in the summer season. You can wear them to the beach, to the poolside, or for a picnic. 


    Once fall starts, the weather starts to cool down but you can still wear these easy-to-wear slides. You can buy sliders that have thicker straps and pair them with socks to stay both cozy and stylish at the same time. You can wear them for casual outings, running errands or even indoors when you do not want to put much effort. 

    Outfits to pair with slides 

    Slides can be paired with many outfits and in multiple seasons. With the right outfits, you can wear them to many places, and this way you will never have to compromise on comfort to be stylish. Read below to find out amazing outfit ideas for wearing slides:

    Chic casuals 

    Slides for women can never disappoint when it comes to casual outfits. They have a laid-back vibe to them and pair best with a graphic tee and a pair of denim shorts. You can complete the look by adding a belt and oversized sunglasses. 


    If you are a beach lover then you need slides in your wardrobe. Wear your favorite swimwear, a straw hat, sunglasses, and a sarong with a pair of slides and you will not regret it. You can add more to the outfit with a straw tote and you will be the ideal beach babe. 

    Athleisure with women’s slides

    You can achieve that ever-trendy athleisure look with the help of your favorite pair of slides. You wear a pair of joggers, an athletic crop top, and a pair of sliders. This is a perfect outfit for a morning errand run looking like you went to the gym even on the days you skipped working out. 

    Sundress & slides 

    There is no better combination to enjoy a summer afternoon than a sundress and a pair of sliders. You can add a pair of chic sunglasses and a long necklace to finish that feminine summer outfit. 

    Edgy street style 

    You can sport that edgy street-style outfit with a pair of black leather sliders. These are best to carry with a pair of distressed jeans and a black leather jacket. You can add some studded leather accessories to look straight out of a fashion magazine. 

    Styling tips to carry women’s slides 

    You can follow the following styling tips when wearing styles to make the most out of your outfits: 

    1. Get a pedicure: Your toes are exposed in sliders and getting your toenails done can add that finishing touch to your overall look. 
    2. Add accessories: The slip-on style of slides for women leaves so much room for accessories and we advise you to make the most out of it. You can add accessories like anklets and toe rings to draw more attention to your feet and make a statement. 
    3. Play with colors: You need to play with colors as per the aesthetics of the outfit. You can add bold colored slides to athleisure outfits but keep it simple and classic with dresses. 
    4. Add height: Platform sliders can help you get that elevated look while looking absolutely trendy. You can do this when you need to wear slides for a less casual occasion. 
    5. Diversify your style: You can mix and match your outfits if you have different types of slides. “I have enough footwear!” said no woman ever and we agree with you. 

    Why should you wear sliders over heels?

    There are many reasons why you should be wearing slides as compared to heels and we have listed the best reasons for you below: 

    1. We cannot start this list without mentioning the stark difference in comfort between slides and heels and it is a huge reason to add more slides to your shoedrobe today. 
    2. You can wear high heels to limited events but slides are much more versatile than that. 
    3. You do not have to bother with laces, zips, and buckles for closure like most high heels. The slip-on style is what makes slides such a convenient and popular option for footwear. 
    4. There is a wider variety of trendy designs available when it comes to women’s slides when compared to high heels. 
    5. Slides pose a lesser risk of injury while it is easier to lose your balance and trip when you are wearing heels. 

    Modern fashion is getting more and more inclusive for all types of people and gone are the days when fashion had a limited scope. Slides for women are so easy to style and so much easier to wear. And who said easy and comfortable has to be boring? With the right styling, you can elevate your fashion game while staying very comfortable. If you are looking to add some slides to your wardrobe, you can visit Novo Shoes online and pick a pair of sliders from the wide variety of slides they have to offer. Get these amazing styles delivered to your doorstep and prepare to shine through every event with the perfect footwear. 

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