There is the third death due to coronavirus in India. The 64-year-old elders lost their lives on Tuesday at Kasturba Hostel in Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. Earlier two people have died.

    The coronavirus which killed more than 6000 people in the world is not taking the name of wreaking havoc. Corona cases are increasing every day in the country. In 24 hours, 12 new corona patients have been confirmed. So far, 128 cases have been reported across the country, including a three-year-old girl from Maharashtra. Maharashtra is most affected by Corona. With the arrival of 5 new cases of coronavirus in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Yavatmal, the positive case of corona in Maharashtra has reached 39. The Mumbai Police has implemented Section 144, while group tours have been banned. So far, the maximum number of 16 cases have been reported in Pune.

    Due to the Coronavirus, check posts have been put on the Maharashtra and Goa border. This check post has been put in Belagavi. The screening of people coming from both sides is being done.

    New Discharged Policy:

    The Government of India has issued a new policy for the discharge of corona patients from the hospital. Under this, sample tests are done twice in 24 hours and both are discharged when they come negative because the question was arising that how does one know that a person is completely fine and can be sent home from the hospital. is. Because the virus is likely to spread if the patient is not fully recovered.