Dusherra the symbol the victory of good over evil, a much awaited festival for childrens lots of enjoyment, Ramleela and fair make it perfect holidays theme. No matter how old we are these childhood memories always brings smile on our face.

    That Gada and Dhanush:
    Getting these toys every year and feeling blessed

    Ramayan Characters Masks:
    Buying mask of Ram, Ravan and Hanuman and playing ramleela at home

    Ballon Shooting:

    Spending some coins on this game whether don’t know how to operate that shooting gun

    Street Food:
    The fair is incomplete without having some gol gappe, Tikki Or Pakodi

    That Wheels and Viking Boat:

    Childrens favorite thing in any fair. That fear but still wish to ride on giant wheels

    So why to wait just go to your nearby dusherra fair and recall all those memories.