Recently Ayushman Khuranna’s movie Dream Girl won the heart of millions in which he played a role of Boy who working in a call centre and his Job role was entertain the clients in female voice.

    But this happened in reality and this Dream girl name is ‘Sanjana’ who trapped a businessman in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and robbed 50 lakh rupees.

    A guy named Siddhartha Patel had created a fake ID on Facebook under the name ‘Sanjana’. He befriended a businessman from Jodhpur and started chatting on the Messenger app. Then slowly chat started on WhatsApp too. When he started talking on mobile, he used to speak in the voice of the girl, then the same Siddharth came to Jodhpur as the girl’s brother, where he met Ravi.

    Siddhartha met Ravi Inania three to four times as the girl’s brother. He took three lakh rupees in installments in the name of treatment for Sanjana’s sickness, which she put in grandmother Sugna’s account.

    He then took Ravi to several temples in Madhya Pradesh, asking him to cure ghosts, tantric lore and spent lakhs of rupees. Later Siddharth Patel also proposed marriage, which Ravi Inania accepted. Siddharth also spoke to Sanjana, her father, step-mother, Bua ji with different numbers to Ravi, a resident of Jodhpur, when no one doubted her.

    Accused Siddharth has spent millions of rupees from the victim Ravi Inania in the illusion trap for the last several years. Police said that the accused young man Siddharth is such a vicious thug that he can remove the voice of politicians including big leaders. The police suspect that the accused Siddharth has committed the crime of cheating with more people. For the time being, the police of Chaupasni Housing Board Police is investigating the entire case.