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Children lose the Interest in Study After Covid19, Teacher Handled it in Unique Way

At Tangraine School, about 50 km from Jamshedpur, the teachers noticed that the schools which were closed in lockdown, the children stopped coming to school for almost a year. This broke the rhythm of children coming to school. To deal with this, the principal of the school used a unique method.

He has made a big Ludo in the platform of the school which has become a center of attraction for some children. In the game of snakes and ladders, whoever gets the number, children have to do whatever is written in the game.

In this way, the subject of the student and his own personality are enhanced, like laugh out loud, recite poetry, tell about yourself, tell about the village, count it; Such subjects are given in Ludo and children are also studying in sports from this time. When the school opened on March 1, only four children came to school on the first day when there are 180 children in the school. The information about Ludo has been spread around by the children only because a big Ludo has come in the school. Children are coming to school on the pretext of playing Ludo.

8th grade student Shiv Nath Mandal said that after the lockdown, we have come to school for the first time today, it was learned that a big Ludo has come to the school. We have come to play the same. It has also been written about studying in the ludo. Feeling quite good.

Tangraine School Principal Anil Tiwari says that after about a year of lockdown, the school is now open from March 1. If the children are not coming to school, then we have made a big Ludo in the platform of the school and are also teaching children in sports. Now the children have started coming to school only because of Ludo.