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To Watch Private Moments of Customers Technician Hacked CCTV of 200 Homes

The technician of a security system providing company hacked the CCTV of about 200 houses and continuously eyed upon the private moments of couples and women. This 35-year-old technician accessed the customer accounts approx 9600 times.

A technician named Telesphore Aviles worked at the ADT company in Texas, America. The company provides a security alarm system to commercial and residential clients. Aviles kicked off from the job last year in April.

During the hearing in court, he accepts that he used to spy the beautiful customers. He keeps spying on the customers for the last 4 years. Aviles can be sent to 5-year imprisonment if found guilty.

Aviles was able to access the customer’s CCTV system by adding his email address during setup. He used to watch the intimating customers on the live stream. Officer told that he used to make notes about the houses where he found beautiful women then he used to watch their private moments live.