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Tractor Rally on Republic Day will Be Shame for The Nation

Farmers are protesting at Sindhu Borders since the new Agriculture bill passed by the government. The government tried many times to talk with the Farmer Unions but all goes in vain as farmers are not ready to listen. They are demanding to get these three agriculture laws back.

The problem is that some so-called local Kisan leaders are trying to fulfill their political agenda under this ongoing protest. The same is following by political parties who are in opposition.

Most of them don’t want to solve Farmer’s problems they just creating the buzz against Government.

If the government is ready to change the policies of the agriculture bill suggest some changes in the favor of farmers then what’s the problem? But they are not eager to suggest anything because they will not get such an opportunity again to shame the nation by doing a tractor rally on Republic day.

The government is not denying to make the amendments, Agriculture reformation much required in India. There should be a middle way of talk and find a solution that will be beneficial for farmers and the Government as well.

Farmers should also understand that they are only victim cards for the other political parties and so-called Local leaders. Create a panel, prioritize your demands and sit with Government then see whether they want to accept it or not. But doing a tractor rally on Republic Day is a shame for the nation and Indian history.