We are fighting with an Invisible Devil Coronavirus more than 400 people infected till now and cases increasing rapidly. Between all this, Sunday, when PM Modi called for Janta Curfew, people followed the initiative and not came outside from their houses. Not only self-isolation they came in their balconies and cheered for Coronavirus warriors like Doctors, Delivery boys, nurses, and flight attendants, etc as PM appealed to show the gratitude towards them. The whole nation came to their balconies and shown gratitude in their own style like clapping, beating thalis, Playing Shankh and bells.

    This shows between this pandemic we are united as a nation and ready to face the crisis together. We have faith in our government and in our warriors too. Not only ordinary people Bollywood celebrities and politicians also cheered for them.

    Some pictures that show we are united as a nation and will win over this Covid 19 decease: