Vir Das Two Indias Poem – Not at All Cool to Call Indians Rapists

vir das two indias poem controversy

Famous Indian standup comedian Vir Das has been caught up in controversies over one of his poems ‘Two India’s. During a standup comedy in Washington DC, USA Vir Das read a poem titled ‘Two Indias’. Vir Das also uploaded a clip of this video on his YouTube channel, which quickly became viral which lines were –

“I come from an India where children in masks hold hands with each other and yet, I come from an India where leaders hug each other without masks/ I come from an India where we claim to be divided over Bollywood on Twitter and yet are united by Bollywood in the darkness of a theatre
“I come from an India where we worship women in Day and Gang-rape them in Night”
“I come from an India where AQI is 9000 but we still sleep on the roof and look up at the stars.”

Seriously, Vir Das, you think it is cool to call your country’s people rapists at the International level just to create a buzz or get some controversy to promote yourself. You can criticize the people in your own country and ask the people to change their minds but standing in Washington DC and calling India a Nation of rapists is not cool at all.

See His tweets and get an Idea of how filthy his thoughts are, which are not less than a mindset of a rapist:


He was trolled fiercely on social media. People are calling him anti-national. After this issue he clarify the things by his post on social media:

This is not the first time that Vir Das is in controversy due to his statement. Even before this, he has been embroiled in controversies many times. According to the reports, during one of his standup shows in Delhi, Vir Das was stopped in the middle of the show for commenting about Dr. Abdul Kalam. The audience member had lodged a complaint with the police. Now once again in his poem ‘Two India’s, he is seen getting caught in difficulties regarding his statements. However, he has also given his clarification on this matter.

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