A major accident occurred due to a gas leak in a chemical unit in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, early Thursday. 11 people have died in this accident, more than 20 people are serious. More than 300 people, including about 150 children, are being treated in this accident.

    The gas leak started in Visakhapatnam around 2.30 am on Thursday. At that time, people were deeply asleep and felt a lot of difficulty in breathing. Many people suddenly wake up from sleep and start running out. People fainted to escape. Later on, receiving information about the incident, the administration brought the people who had fallen here and there to the hospital. Many people were woken up from sleep.

    The initial investigation report revealed that the accident occurred due to a problem in the gas valve. At 2.30 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, the gas valve went bad and poisonous gas leaked. Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Commissioner Shrijna Gummalla said that according to the initial report PVC or styrene gas has leaked. The leak started at 2.30 am. Hundreds of people came in the grip of the gas leak and many people fainted.

    NDRF DG SN Pradhan said that he received information about the incident at 5.30 am. The team reached the spot in half an hour and a rescue operation has been started. Around 250 families were evacuated from the surrounding village. Also, the door to door search operation was conducted. 500 people were evacuated from the company’s compound. The condition of some people is serious in this. Along with this, the expert team of NDRF has been called from Pune to Visakhapatnam.


    The officials engaged in relief work said, “The leak has been closed. This gas spreads rapidly and hence there is no possibility of a big increase in the number of people dying now.

    The condition of the admitted people is improving gradually. There is an antidote for styrene (gas) and hence water is sprayed into the air to neutralize the gas. The entire Venkatapuram village (place of the incident) was evacuated. About 700 people were evacuated from here. About 800 people were hospitalized. However, most of them have been discharged. The cause of the incident is under investigation. The forensic team is working on it.

    Well, this incident reminds the Bhopal Gas Tragedy which killed thousands of people, In Vishakhapatnam, People were scared and found fainted on roads.