Queen   Elizabeth II  died, at 96

Queen died at STOCKLAND

Queen Elizabeth II, 96, was currently at Balmoral Castle in Stockland, where she died

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning monarch of Britain. He was born in the year 1926


After Queen Elizabeth II, now her son Charles (age 73 years) has been made the new King of Britain.

The royal family had told that the Queen was struggling with the problem of episodic mobility

Queen was ill

Queen Elizabeth's full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married in 1947.


Britain's PM said that the death of the Queen is a big shock for the country and the world.

“His work is his love letter to women. It's his love letter to cinema.”

Almodo on Penny Cruz

All About My Mother explores why women act, who they act for, and how they perform.

All about my mother

Women Who Act


The film moves around characters who are melodramatic. Their real hardships are punctuated by moments of seeming parody. Almodo examines the convention of acting in our daily lives.

Real vs. Unreal

“The films he makes are a reflection of himself, and this is how he sees women.”

Almodo on Cecilia Roth

The observer of women

La Frances Hui said: “Almodo is someone who is very beloved by female actresses. He has an unusual ability to observe women with a sense of empathy.

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