Walmart shooter left 'death note,' bought gun day of killing

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The Walmart supervisor who fatally shot six co-workers at a store in Virginia bought the gun just hours before the killings 

left a note on his phone accusing colleagues of mocking him, authorities said Friday. 

Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I promise things just fell in place like I was led by the Satan,” Andre Bing wrote 

Police said the 9 mm handgun used in the Tuesday night shooting was legally purchased that morning 

It was not clear when the note was written, but in it Bing claimed he was harassed  

Coworkers of Bing who survived the shooting said he was difficult and known for being hostile with employees.  

One survivor said Bing seemed to target people and fired at some victims after they were already hit. 

And he wished for a wife but wrote he didn't deserve one.