#WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood: People Saying Not To Distribute Free Gyaan on Hindu Religion

Sonu Sood Trolled on Twitter

Hindus are so tolerant that anyone can comment on their religion and festivals. Especially it is a trend in Bollywood, any celebrities can give the free Gyan not to burst crackers, not to play with colors or offer milk on idols but when there is a festival of another religion they do not have guts to say not to kill animals.

Now self-made Massiah Sonu Sood did the same thing. In a recent tweet of his on Maha Shivratri, he Wrote ” Celebrate the Shivratri by Helping someone instead of sharing God Shiva’s Picture”.

That became his biggest mistake, netizens start telling him not to distribute free Gyan on Hindu festivals and do not teach about how to celebrate our festivals. Netizens also comparing his tweets to what he has written on Eid or Christmas. There were no such suggestions on these festivals than people asking why you are teaching us how to celebrate our festivals.


Soon after his tweets people stat tweeting with #WhoTheHellAreUSonuSood. Than he realized and share the lord Shiva’s image after few hours later:


Later this he justify his opinion with the following tweet:




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