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Women sent 150 Condoms to Bombay High Court Judge For Her Absurd Statement on Sexual Exploitation

We all remember Justice Pushpa Ganeediwala, judge of Bombay High Court who made a controversial statement on Sexual harassment. She given the strange statement in two cases related to sexual exploitation. Justice Pushpa said that touching the breast without taking off the top of the 12-year-old girl and opening the chain of pants by holding the hand of the girl does not come under the category of crime under the POCSO Act.

Her statement was strongly condemned across the country. Now, a woman from Gujarat has sent a condom to the judge, expressing her anger. A woman named Devashree Trivedi from Ahmedabad was annoyed by the controversial ‘skin to skin’ decision related to the sexual exploitation of Ganediwala. Showing the same resentment, he registered a protest by sending a condom to the judge.

Women Sent Condom to Judge

Devashree has also uploaded a video on YouTube. In which, she can be seen packing condoms. According to the report, the woman is so disgusted with the judge’s decision that she has sent 150 condom packets to the judge’s home and office address. The woman says that she wants to send a condom and tells the judge that if using the condom does not touch the skin, what would it be considered? Not only this, but Devshree has also demanded to suspend the judge.

The judge has not yet reacted to the woman’s action, but it is believed that action can be taken against the woman in a case of contempt. The irony is that if the judge would make such a decision, then even if the people of the country should expect justice?