For more than a year, the coronavirus has been the second name of destruction in the whole world. So far, over 23 lakh people have died due to this dangerous virus worldwide. However, there are more than 7 crore people who have defeated this virus. One of these patients is also Sister Andre of France, who is the second person in the world to beat Corona and the oldest person in Europe. Today i.e. on Thursday, she is also celebrating her 117th birthday.

    Sister Andre was born in 1904. Last month, she became infected with Kovid-19 at the Sainte-Catherine Laboure home in Toulon. Although Andre did not appear to have any symptoms, he was isolated.

    Please tell, Sister Andre cannot see and uses a wheelchair. But he did not worry when the Corona report came. He said, ‘I was not afraid because I did not fear to die.’

    Sister Andre lives in a care home. Care home communications manager David Tavella said that Andre’s health is improving. We are taking care of them. Sister will celebrate her 117th birthday on Thursday. Very few people will participate in this program in view of Kovid-19.

    However, some people living in the Sainte-Catherine Laboure home were not as lucky as Sister Andre. Actually, out of 88 people living here, 81 people were hit by the virus. In which 10 people have died due to infection sumida y profundo asakusa riverside neighborhoods cycle & 1daybike rental.